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PsychAssess has developed products to assist the development of reading skills and career counselling.

PsychAssess Career Card Sort

The PsychAssess Career Card Sort is a simple interest assessment tool used for career counselling purposes.

The aim is to help clients identify careers of interest when thinking about the world of work and their possible position in it.

The careers selected and sorted by the client will provide the career counsellor with a starting point for discussion about choosing school subjects, fields of study and careers.

Many clients have limited knowledge of the different types of careers there are in the world of work. Although the careers represented on the cards are not an exhaustive list, they encapsulate many different career fields that would suit a range of different personality types, interests, aptitudes and values.

Who, Where, What Questionnaire (PsychAssess WWW Questionnaire)

Through the short questionnaire, the students and adults are able to identify their unique interests when thinking about the world of work and their position in it. This questionnaire helps clients to think about who they would like to work with, where they would like to work and doing what activities.

The “Who, Where, What” Questionnaire is a simple interest tool used for career counselling purposes. It is used to help students who need to select subjects for Grade 10, those who are thinking about what to study after school and what career to pursue, for students who are not satisfied with their current tertiary choice of study and adults who are thinking about a career change.

Reading Ability Development

PARAS test (PsychAssess Analysis of Reading and Spelling) Assessment

Educational Toys and Games that promote literacy skills

PsychAssess has started an online shop with toys and games that are hand-picked by Melanie and Chenelle for their fun educational value.

Edge Toys’ Just Word Building Tin

A set of durable magnetic Alphabet Letters and Phonemes that children can play with, build words with, and learn to match the sounds of language with the sound pictures (letters) that represent them.


1 metal tin, 199 Alphabet Sound Picture Magnets (including multiple letter Sound Picture Magnets: qu, sh, ch, th, ck, ll, ss, zz, oe, oa, ow, ou, oo, ee, ie igh and the sound pictures of Latin origin: tion, sion, cian, sure, ture, cial & tial)

This educational set develops fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, auditory discrimination skills, phoneme awareness, and knowledge of the nature of language.

This set can be used for teaching level 1 (Pink) all the way to level 5 (yellow) words as part of the Phono-Graphix Reading and Spelling Method.

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Edge Toys’ Afrikaans Woordeskat Kis 

Die spel is ideaal vir Afrikaanse leerders wat leer om te lees en spel in hul Moedertaal.
Die spel kom met 150 Afrikaans magneties klankprente. Jy kan woorde bou op die blikke of die yskas ook.
A great way to help Second Language Afrikaans learners improve their reading and spelling. This set has 150 magnetic sound pictures with which you can build many Afrikaans words and get to grips with the various ways the words are spelt.
Bou woorde met klankprente, van die basiese pienk vokale en konsonante, tot die meer gevorderde klankprente soos oei, eeu, sj, tj en oë.
Hierdie stel kan gebruik word vir die onderrig van vlak 1 (pienk), vlak 2 (blou), vlak 3 (groen), vlak 4 (pers) en vlak 5 (geel) woorde as deel van die Phono-Graphix Lees- en spelmetode

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