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Some novice players are concerned about the question of whether bookmakers know in advance the outcome of matches on which they accept bets. The answer to it is known to those who understand the process of determining the odds in the line.

Of course, bookmakers do not have time machines or other devices that allow them to look into the future. They also do not enter into agreements with the participants in the competition in order to ensure the desired outcome. However, every major bookmaker, for example, has an analytical department that determines the likelihood of sports events. Based on these data, the coefficients are established, which are then published. The higher the likelihood of a certain outcome, the lower the odds he gets from the company.

Indeed, in some sports events sometimes occur with fake results, so-called agreements. But bookmakers not only do not organize such fraud, but also try to resist it. Having noticed suspicious activity in a certain part of the line, they stop accepting bets on this event and notify the sports federations about it. Fixed matches are disadvantageous to honest operators, as they undermine bettors’ confidence in them.

So, bookmakers do not know the outcomes of future events and do not influence them. They simply determine their likelihood better than the vast majority of sports fans do.

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