Community Support

PsychAssess is proud to be involved with various foundations and initiatives that drive change and development in our communities.

The Tirisano Foundation

The Tirisano Foundation is an institution made up of young professionals from South African townships who, through education and self-development, have found a market for their skills and would like to impart this knowledge to learners from similar backgrounds. They would like to show, by using themselves as an example, that there are avenues for life-changing opportunities. They work with students from Grade 9 to Grade 12.

Between 2014 and 2016, Psych Assess had the opportunity and privilege to present a work shop to Grade 9 learners, guiding them with their subject choices.

Visit if you would like to get involved and offer support.


EduFun & Read for Africa’s development project at Diepsloot Combined School

Amazing things have been happening at Diepsloot Combined School thanks to Jenny Taylor (Director of Read for Africa and of EduFun NGO) and her team of volunteers.

Chenelle and Melanie have had the privilege to help out on occasion in order to improve the reading skills of the grade 2 & 3 learners.

For more information about Edufun and Read for Africa email


‘My daughter Melody struggles with reading and spelling. The lessons she received were upbeat, exciting and helpful. She looked forward to each lesson, and left each lesson having a light bulb moment at finally having grasped a concept she had not been able to before. Thank you for giving my child a new lease on life. She is a confident learner now.’ – Amy

‘☺ I would like to thank Chenelle from PsychAssess. The assessment setup and feedback was personal and comprehensive. She definitely helped us in the subject choice phase of my son’s schooling. We will absolutely look at the grade 11 assessment in future and I recommend Chenelle and the group to all parents and educators. Thanks so much.’ – Louise

“I couldn’t have asked for a better service and I’m 100% satisfied with the career assessment as a whole.”

‘My eldest son was really struggling with his reading and found the whole experience a struggle. Since he has been attending extra classes at Psychassess his confident has soared and his reading improved exponentially.

 Due to Zak’s progress I decided to give my younger son the opportunity of these wonderful extra classes too and he has really excelled over the past few months.  Thank you to Mel and Tayla.’

‘My daughter was assessed by Chenelle. The assessment and the subsequent feedback session were done in an utmost professional manner.

My daughter needed help with deciding what would be suitable for her in terms of tertiary studies and possible future career options. We were given the appropriate advice and she now knows where her strengths lie and what she should be focusing on. Chenelle took a lot of time to go through the very extensive report that she had prepared and whilst it offered no real surprises, it also confirmed what would suit my daughter and her personality.

I will also ask Chenelle to assess my younger daughter when it is time for her to choose subjects for Grade 10 and I would recommend her to anyone looking for career or study guidance without reservation. Thank you, it was a very worthwhile exercise.’

‘I have known Melanie Smith since 2005 when she first did the Phono-Graphix course with Read for Africa. I’ve personally enjoyed a long and meaningful working relationship with her. She has been an integral to the success of Read for Africa. She has developed many of our teaching and assessment resources and is a Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist, trainer and mentor to many other professionals’ – Jenny Taylor – Director of Read for Africa

“Thank you very much for your time and efforts, we found it very informative and very helpful and we can only go forward from here with our daughter.”

‘Melanie and her team are extremely professional and accommodating. My children loved going to her and showed great progress during their time with her. I have had such success with my own children and as a teacher that I frequently recommend her to other parents.’

“I really must thank Chenelle, she did a phenomenal job. Have already started recommending her to people I know.”

‘I sent my boy for an assessment with Melanie as his grades suddenly dropped in Grade 5. She identified that he in fact was not reading properly, and suggested extra phonics/reading lessons. After only a few months, in the next term his average mark went up by 10%. This is extremely effective and was lesson stressful for all than what I was considering, which is changing schools! I highly recommend Mel.’ – Alison

“Thank you for the uplifting and positive way Chenelle handled this assessment – my daughter really feels motivated after our meeting.”

“Melanie was my mentor during the internship I did while using Phono-Graphix as a reading method. This experience was excellent. She guided me when needed and was always willing to support and help me. Thank you! – Etricia 

Hi Melanie,

 Thank you for such a great, comprehensive report! – Chantelle

Thank you so much Chenelle for the opportunity you afforded us to asses our son. Your endearing heart and welcoming spirit really put our son at ease with the entire assessment process. The counseling and guidance you gave him really is boosting his confidence in unleashing his potential in his future studies. This assessment experience has also taught us a lot in realizing that we need to listen to  and support our children when they are telling us what career they would like to follow and not steer them towards what we would like them to be.

Will definitely use your services in future.